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As a certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partner, Citcon can help you integrate alternative payment methods that are used by two billion consumers in 110 countries and regions around the world, every step of the way. You focus on business growth and let us take care of your payments.


Convenient and smooth checkout experience – No need for your customer to fill out tedious payment information at checkout , significantly reducing your cart abandonment rate; auto currency converter that allows consumers to pay in local currency and merchants to settle
Instant revenue boost – expand your reach to over two billion global online consumers; up to 40% lower costs compared to international credit cards and PayPal; higher approval and conversion rate


Quick and easy to implement and scale – one plugin to support all major and incoming new payment methods without coding


Enhanced security and reliability – chargeback and fraud protection so merchants are guaranteed to receive their revenue; comprehensive support on meeting and maintaining PCI compliance.


Adding Payment Methods to Your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Serve

  1. To get started, you’ll need to create a merchant account at Citcon.
  2. Setup: Import the int_citconcartridge into the Eclipse UX Studio and upload it to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Server, install service metadata and custom code
  3. Add the Citcon cartridge Pay plugin on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager site
  4. Configure metadata and site preferences
  5. Place a trial purchase to test out
  6. Start accepting locally preferred payment method to boost sales