Code of Conduct 

Citcon, Inc is committed to adhering to the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card industry in  Canada set by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. 

For more information about the Code of Conduct, visit the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada at: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada 

How to Resolve Your Complaint 

Citcon has an established process for managing potential violations of the Code of Conduct. If  you have concerns about our conduct regarding a particular element of the Code of Conduct,  please follow the steps below.

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Contact Citcon Support to register your complaint

Phone: +1-888-254-4887
If your issue is not resolved or the resolution is unsatisfactory, proceed to Step 2

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Download and complete the Code of Conduct Complaint Form

Your complaint will be thoroughly investigated by the Citcon Compliance team who
will make every effort to fully resolve the issue.

See Form


Be certain to include the following details in the complaint form (as applicable), to assist us in
reviewing/resolving your complaint:

  • Which element from Code of Conduct you are reporting as having been violated.
  • A detailed summary/timeline of your concerns and actions
  • The date the specific incident/violation occurred

Please note that Citcon Inc. may request copies of supporting documentation (i.e. agreements,
statements, correspondence from acquirer) necessary to resolve your complaint.

What to Expect After Registering a Complaint:

Once the completed complaint form is submitted, you can expect:


Initial Response

You will receive an acknowledgment that your complaint has been
registered within 5 Business Days


Final Decision

Notice of a final decision regarding your complaint is required
within 90 days of complaint receipt. The final decision will
• A summary of the complaint
• Final result of the investigation
• Explanation of the final decision
• Information on hot to pursue further escalation of your
complaint should the decision be unsatisfactory


If we cannot provide a response within 90 days, you will be informed of the delay, reason for
the delay, and the expected date that a final decision can be rendered.

Merchants can also contact:

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)

Phone: 1-866-461-3222