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Consumer RegionNorth America
Consumer CountryUSA
Presentment CurrencyUSD
Settlement CurrencyUSD

Why Venmo?

Venmo is an ewallet favored by Millennials and Gen Z consumers—digital natives who are indispensable for topline growth as they account for more than ½ of the US population. In fact, 85 million consumers have Venmo accounts, which they rely on for social commerce, ease of use and the ability to split purchases with friends.


1 in every 3.5 Americans has a Venmo account.

Largest demographic is people who are 24 to 35 years old.

Can be used in-store and for eCommerce.



Higher conversion rate

Consumers using Venmo complete transactions 19% more often than those who use traditional payment methods. And they shop more than twice as much as the average shopper!


Customers spend more

When they shop, they spend. In fact, merchants have reported a 57% increase in average order value—making Venmo a great way to increase your topline.


More unplanned purchases

Gen Z digital natives consider fashion a form of entertainment, which may explain why Venmo can increase unplanned clothing purchases by as much as 34%.

Source: PayPal/Venmo

How Citcon makes it easy to accept Venmo

Citcon provides a one-stop shop for Venmo integration and onboarding. And we offer small and midsize businesses the support they need to thrive. If trouble does arise, we provide dispute management and a single source of settlement. Plus, Venmo Purchase Protection helps prevent losses due to fraud, saving you valuable time and money.


Accept touch-free Venmo payments in-store

Consumer can choose Venmo as preferred payment method during check-out.

A QR code is presented. Customer goes to the Venmo app and scans your QR code or they tap “Show to Pay” and you scan their QR code.

The customer confirms the purchase The customer will confirm the purchase in their app.

The transaction is complete Simple, frictionless, touch free checkout experience.

Accept Venmo through mobile phones

Consumer can choose Venmo as preferred payment method during check-out.

Consumers can choose Venmo as preferred payment method during check-out.

Venmo app opens, including charge.

Consumer approves charge.

Venmo app confirms transaction.

If consumer has a remaining account balance, Venmo posts update.

Accept Venmo through desktop browsers

Consumer can choose Venmo as preferred payment method during check-out.

Payment Screen: Venmo QR Screen Displayed

User scans QR code

Venmo App Confirms Transaction

Merchants trust us with their payments

More than 10,000 global merchants rely on Citcon’s all-in-one payment platform to securely process millions of payment transactions every day.


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Get started

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