What’s the Best Payment Gateway for Shopify?

Citcon: The Best Shopify Payment Processor

While there are many payment gateway options to choose from, Citcon is the best payment gateway for Shopify retailers on the market. There are many reasons why it is a perfect choice for any online retailer.

Shopify makes it easy for small business owners to set up shop online and in person. The e-commerce platform offers a platform for online retailers as well as point-of-sale systems for brick and mortar stores. While Shopify takes care of a lot of the up-front work for retailers who use their e-commerce platform, Shopify retailers still need to choose a payment gateway to integrate with their shop. There are many options, but few that offer the variety Citcon does. Choosing a global gateway now, even if your business is domestic, can make it easier for you to expand later, when you’re ready. It can also allow international consumers and tourists to purchase from you using a payment option they are comfortable with.


14 Reasons Why Citcon is the Best Shopify Payment Processor

1. One Simple Integration with Many Options

By integrating Citcon into your Shopify account, you will gain immediate access to a huge variety of payment options. This allows you to instantly offer many payment options to your customers at once, making them happy and helping you sell more.

2. Easy Setup

Citcon can be integrated into your Shopify account in just minutes, including the many wallet options. You could be offering new payment options overnight, expanding horizons for your business very quickly.

3. Flexible Payment Processing

Citcon can work for a variety of payment options, including subscriptions, B2C, B2B, and standard marketplace transactions—including international payments. By offering more flexible payment options, you’ll broaden your potential customer base.

4. Secure

By using tokenized data to keep sensitive information secure, Citcon ensures your customers safety as their information is never stored.

By using tokenized data to keep sensitive information secure, Citcon ensures your customer’s safety as their information is never stored. Additionally, individual payment providers (such as PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc.) bear responsibility for any data breaches. Your eCommerce site will not be responsible.

5. Compliant

Citcon stays on top of international and PCI compliance guidelines. This takes a lot of work off your plate so you can focus on growing your business. These guidelines are frequently updated and complex, so this is a huge task you will no longer have to deal with.

6. Affordable

Citcon does not charge additional fees on top of the standard MDR for digital wallet cross-border transactions. These savings can really add up as your business grows. Charges per transaction can become crippling after a while.

7. Cross-Border Options

Citcon offers a variety of mobile wallet options, which allow global customers to choose an option they are familiar with, that they can attach their bank or credit card to. You can make global payments and enjoy rates that are up to 40% lower than international credit cards. 

8. Global Reach

Expanding into international markets is difficult, especially when it comes to banking. Citcon helps take a lot of the work out of your hands by offering payment options for many global locations.

9. Localized Payment

Customers can pay in their own currency, and it can be transferred into your own, without additional transaction fees or conversion fees. This is hugely convenient.

10. Increased Revenue

Citcon is able to integrate with your e-commerce platform and provide instant access to a variety of payment options. Customers love to pay in their preferred method. By offering it, you are opening yourself up to entirely new customer bases, and have the opportunity to create more loyal customers every day.

11. New Options Added Regularly

Citcon is consistently researching and incorporating new payment methods into the gateway.

Not only does Citcon provide you with a variety of global payment options, we are consistently researching and incorporating new payment methods into the gateway. This can be hugely beneficial if popularity for these platforms increases quickly. You can trust that Citcon keeps apprised of newcomers to the mobile wallet industry and will ensure you don’t lose out on potential customers.

12. Higher Conversion Rates

By offering a variety of payment options, you are streamlining things for your customers. This will prevent them from abandoning their cart at checkout, and encourage them to complete the transaction.

13. Increased Authorization Rates

Thanks to local options, customers experience greater acceptance of their purchase. There are more transactions accepted on the first attempt, without concerns about declined authorizations.

14. No Fraud or Chargeback Liability

Too many chargebacks can damage your business, and even cause you to lose your partnerships with financial institutions. Citcon prevents this because the customer cannot do a traditional chargeback. Disputes are handled through the payment options themselves.

Whether you are just opening your online store, or looking to expand into new markets, Citcon is best Shopify payment processor. They can handle increased volume, and will assign a dedicated representative to your account. This will give you a point of contact for any potential questions or issues that arise. With the simple implementation, you can start offering a variety of payment options to your customers right away. This is hugely important if you are looking to expand, because gaining new customers will be easy.


E-Commerce Growth Expected to Continue

Some may be wondering if the increase in eCommerce purchases during the pandemic is a fad, brought on by the fact that people were stuck at home. However, it does seem the surge in popularity for online shopping is here to stay. In the United States, eCommerce shopping levels from April to May 2020 were 7 percent higher than the 2019 holiday season from November to December. 

This is huge, as the springtime months rarely ever surpass the buying volume of the holiday season. Now that people have become comfortable buying online, this is only expected to continue. Even those uncomfortable with getting items shipped home are still shopping online. They took advantage of the option to buy online and pick up in the store (also known as BOPIS), driving a growth of 195 percent year over year, when comparing May 2019 to May 2020. This is a vast shift in the way consumers shop, and many retailers are taking note. 

Many retailers are familiar with the fears of online shoppers. They are concerned that the item being advertised will arrive and not be as described. Shoppers are fearful of getting scammed, of overspending, or that they simply won’t like the product once it arrives.

To make customers feel comfortable, offer them what they are looking for: trust, convenience, and security.

To make customers feel comfortable, offer them what they are looking for: trust, convenience, and security. 

1. Transparency: when loading photos and descriptions of your product online, make sure they are accurate and show what the product actually looks like. Include product materials, measurements, and anything else you feel customers should know before purchasing.

2. Easy returns: make the return process clear and easy to understand. This will prevent chargebacks as well, and ensure customer loyalty. If the return process is up front, customers will feel more secure purchasing.

3. Convenience: offering a plethora of payment options is convenient for your customer. They can choose the one they typically use, instead of having to hunt through and find one that will work, or worse, sign up for a new account.

Offering these basic benefits can go a long way. These are the minimum criteria for running a solid online business. With Shopify and Citcon taking care of the eCommerce and payment options, retailers can focus on creative development and marketing.


How to Integrate Citcon with Shopify

Now that you know Citcon is the best payment gateway for Shopify, you likely want to implement it as soon as possible. Luckily, Shopify makes it really easy to integrate a third-party payment provider into their eCommerce platform. They allow retailers who use their platform to choose a payment processor that fits their target audience, budget, and location. Once you’ve decided on Citcon as your global payment gateway, here’s what you need to do: 

1. Log into your Shopify account: This will take you to your account dashboard.

2. Go to settings and choose “payment providers”: Once there, you will be presented with options

3. Click the “Add a Provider” option: this will allow you to add a third-party provider

4. Choose the “Change Provider” drop-down list: this will take you to all available options

5. Select “Third-party Credit Card Provider”: Citcon is the third party provider in this case

6. Choose your provider from the list: in this case, choose Citcon

7. Fill out the online form: there will be an online form where you will input relevant information

8. Press “Activate”

Within minutes you will have set up Citcon as your payment provider. This will give customers access to a wide variety of payment options. 

If you are interested in integrating Citcon with your Shopify store, we can help. Request a brief, no-obligation demo with a Citcon team member today.

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