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Accept Payments via Chat

Conversational commerce isn’t just the future. It’s the present, too. Don’t get left behind! Join 100s of leading brands at 10,000+ merchants worldwide and start accepting payments via chat with Citcon.

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Chat and Pay by Link: The Perfect Pair

It’s easy to see why chat and pay by link go hand in hand, as using interactive media to communicate with customers goes hand in hand with leading them to make a payment.

A Chat Payment System for B2C and B2B

Citcon’s pay-by-link solutions can function like a chat payment system for B2C and B2B commerce, service, invoicing, debt collection, and more.

Accept In-Chat Payments to Close Sales in Real Time

Chats turn customer buying journeys into two-way conversations vs. one-sided dialogues. Accepting in-chat payments enables you to close those sales conversations immediately.


How do I send payment to a customer via chat?

You can turn your chat channel into a revenue generator by sending customers a link so they can effectuate payment or having an interface within the chat channel that allows them to pay securely.

What are the advantages to paying by chat?

It’s quicker and more convenient for customers. It also allows merchants to finalize the sale quickly.

Why use payment by chat?

It shortens the payment cycle, increases customer satisfaction, and is secure.

Chat Integrations

  • WhatsApp

Payment Methods You Can Accept via Chat with Citcon

One simple integration supports a merchant’s ability to accept 100+ digital wallet and credit card payment methods from providers like PayPal, Venmo, WeChat Pay, Alipay, China UnionPay, Kakao Pay, Dana, Gcash, and Alipay HK, with more payment methods added regularly.

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Connect with a payments pro to learn how Citcon can help you grow your top line revenue by accepting the payment methods your customers prefer, wherever they are.

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Web Chat Payments

Instead of searching online or calling via phone, customers can reach out via web chat to get billing questions answered and payments submitted right away.


Live Chat Payments

Your customer service representatives can address customer concerns quickly via live chat conversations and send secure payment links directly without delay.


Social Chat Payments

Increase customer satisfaction by fusing social media messenger interactions and payment transactions together for a personalized experience.


Chat App Payments

Accepting payments via WeChat Pay, WhatsApp, and Tulip allows you to support and serve your customers directly right in the apps they already know, trust, and love.

What Our Merchants Have to Say

Quotation Mark

Citcon is an extremely professional and knowledgeable partner for Caesars Entertainment. Working with them has simplified the process and transition to Chinese digital payment. Their technical capabilities in this area are unsurpassed and trusting.

Bruce Bommarito image Bruce C. Bommarito VP of International Marketing, Caesars Entertainment Group
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As the Chinese consumer is anticipated to remain one of the largest growth drivers in the global luxury market, this addition offers added convenience for our guests, while increasing social engagement and further enhancing our ability to provide the legendary personalized service for which Mandarin Oriental is known.

Philipp Knuepfer General Manager of Mandarin Oriental, Boston
Quotation Mark

Introducing the capability to process Alipay transactions in our outlets has been both financially rewarding and educational. Our team has been quite happily surprised with the transaction volume and value that we have generated through these programs since launching in our outlets late last year.

Matthew Greenbaum image Matthew Greenbaum Vice President, iShoppes
Quotation Mark

Citcon has allowed our customers to pay with their Alipay accounts in a smooth and seamless way at point of sale and remotely. Our sales professionals have found this system helps them retain clients and increase lifetime value. The machines are simple to install, simple to use, and the training is short and efficient. I also can't say enough about our Citcon partners, the service they provide, and their willingness to go above and beyond to capitalize on opportunities and troubleshoot when necessary.

Preston Antonini VP - General Manager, Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza